This “Privacy Policy” (hereinafter “Policy”) applies to all “Users” (hereinafter “you”, “your”) of the “Site” (hereinafter “Site”) of WebAutoBid group consisting of WebAutoBid s.r.o. , WEBAUTOBID Sp. Z O.O and WebAutoBid SIA, whose contacts can be found at: https://www.webautobid.eu/en/contacts/ (hereinafter “We”, “Our”, “Us”).
Read the Policy carefully before placing your order. Time by time we can introduce policy changes, please read it before making repeated purchases.
In accordance with general data protection regulations, personal data are any information that can be used to identify a person, as well as any information about person already identified. By using services of our Site, you provide us with your personal data, the right to process and use them in accordance with the terms and conditions outlined in the Privacy Policy and the “Terms of Use” (hereinafter “Terms”).

We are committed to protect the privacy and safety of our customers and site visitors, including yours.
By using services of our Site, you are showing your confidence to us. We fully appreciate it and respect the importance of privacy and confidentiality of your data.
We adhere to the principle of minimizing personal data - we do not require, collect or process personal data that is not necessary for achieving the purpose of purchasing goods, services or receipt of information.
We respect your privacy and do our best to keep your personal data safe.
We do not allow sending of unwanted letters and in any case we will not allow the sale, lease or transfer of your personal data (name, surname, personal identity number, address, email, phone, etc.) to third parties.
Information to third parties may be disclosed only on the basis of a legitimate request.

You are responsible for accuracy of the information by placing an order or contacting customer support. You confirm that you are not under the age of 18 and undertake not to take any action against the safety of the Site.
We are not responsible for incorrect, incomplete or false data provided by you.
By using our website and / or purchasing goods and / or services, you confirm that you understand the Policy and you agree to follow any changes in it.


By making purchase or contacting customer support, you provide us with your personal information. When making a purchase, the submission of personal data is mandatory, because without it you will not be able to make a purchase.
We collect and store the following data:

- name and surname of the customer;
- personal identification number;
- address;
- company name;
- registration number;
- VAT number;
- phone number;
- e-mail address;
- address of delivery of goods or services.

We process but do not store the following impersonal data:
- cookies.

Private information is used only to provide full service and customer communication.

We may receive your personal information only from you and only if you use services of our Site, for example: by registering for making an order on our Site, contacting customer support through a feedback form or email.


By paying for the goods and services provided by the Site of WebAutoBid group, we can collect and process the following additional information:
- your bank account number;
- name of bank institution;


We use the information we collect for you for:
- selling our goods and services;
- processing and delivering your order correctly;
- providing warranty support;
- answering your questions and providing you with information;
- providing you with personalized access to our Site;
- managing your account if you have one on our Site;
- creating anonymous statistics on the use of the Site.


We store the customer’s personal information for 10 years:
- to provide warranty support for purchased product;
- to contact you about the request;
- for accounting;
- to manage your settings and rights.

At the end of the 10 year period, personal data will be destroyed if you do not request the deletion of your data through the Site, or visiting the office of WebAutoBid group in person (by taking personal identification document with you) during that period.


Our site is stored in one of the most reliable data centers in the world.
To protect your personal data, we use all opportunities of our service provider, including permanent physical protection against unauthorized access and encryption 24 hours long.

Security of our Site is ensured by the following, as well as other means:
- encryption of data transmission using SSL standard;
- personal data are stored in encrypted form on servers;
- your personal data are automatically anonymised after completion of the order (delivery, cancellation or return);
- access to personal information and data is limited and possible only to selected and authorized WebAutoBid group employees using 2FA (Two-factor authentication) and SSH private key authentication;
- data center employees do not have physical and / or remote access to the servers of our Site;
- 24 hour physical security of the facility and access restrictions;
- 24 hour video surveillance of the data center;
- biometric entry control with two-factor authentication.


Third parties may also include data centers, support services, delivery services, representatives of cloud storage services, etc. Personal data processors that help us to provide services to you. In any case, only the amount of data needed to perform a specific task or to provide a particular service is transferred to the processors. Third parties related to us may process your personal data only for the specified tasks and may not use it for any other purpose or transfer to other parties without our consent. Processors ensure the protection of your personal data in accordance with the applicable laws and regulations and written agreement with the WebAutoBid group.

Personal data may be transferred to competent public authorities and administrative institutions, including law enforcement agencies, such as the police or other supervisory authorities, but only when necessary and in accordance with the legal procedure established by law.


WebAutoBid group does not transfer personal information and other data to third countries.
Disclosure of personal data and data of other users are only based on a legitimate request.


Cookies are small fragments of information that the Site saves on your computer or mobile device during your site visit.
This allows the server to collect information from the browser, so you do not have to re-enter the data when you return to the Site.
You can learn more about cookies at www.cookiecentral.com


We use session and persistent cookies to:
- improve the quality of services provided;
- recognize new or existing customers;
- remember your preferences settings, such as settings for displaying the list of goods;
- remember whether you have already answered pop-up questions (not to ask you to do it again);
- remember whether you agree (or not agree) to use our cookies on our site;
- send you promotional messages that match your interests the best;
- collect reliable information about the use of the Site, which will allow us to assess how well the Site meets users’ needs and to make the necessary improvements;
- analyse which pages you visit and which user privacy tools you use.

Enabled cookies are not required for the basic functions of the Site, but they will provide you with a better experience when using the Site.
However, you can delete or block cookies at any time. In this case, some features of this Site will not work properly.

Cookies-related information is not used to identify you personally, and the collected data are stored under our supervision.
Cookies are not used for purposes which are not listed here.


Laws and regulations on the protection of personal data, including the General Data Protection Regulation, gives you a number of rights, while we must give you the opportunity to use them.

- you are entitled to request a copy of your personal information to verify the accuracy of the stored information and / or to correct or update these data;
- you may refuse to receive e-mails at any time by sending a notice to or using a link in electronic mail;
- in cases where your data are processed with your consent, you have the right to withdraw your consent at any time, which serves as the basis for termination of data processing;
- you are entitled to receive your data processing approval, the right to review the data processed, obtain information on the purposes of the processing, the processing period, the sources of the data, their meaning and the consequences for you;
- You may request complete deletion of your personal information (if this is not contrary to the legislation of the Czech Republic).

To protect your privacy and security, we will take appropriate measures to verify your identity before providing your requested information about your personal data. For this purpose, we may ask you to submit personal identification document and / or visit our office in person. If you cannot prove your identity, we may reject your application.
We will use all commercially reasonable efforts to provide you with legal access to your personal information that we store within 30 days after receiving your request.

You must understand and accept the risks associated with deleting your personal data, such as:
- our inability to identify you as a customer when contacting customer and warranty support;
- difficulties or inability to identify your purchase in the case if you contact warranty service center;
- difficulties or total inability to recover purchase documents in case of their loss;
- and other risks.


The data manager and the person responsible for the processing of personal data are WebAutoBid s.r.o., reg. No. 24203467, Mělnická 109, Pakoměřice, 250 65 Bořanovice, Czech Republic.

If you have any questions about the processing of your personal data, you can write to

In the case you have any complaints about personal data processing in our company, you are entitled to submit a complaint in the Data State Inspectorate.


We regularly review our privacy policy. All changes will be posted on this page.
This Privacy Policy entered into force and was last updated on 25 May 2018.

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