About us

WebAutoBid.eu is one of the greatest online car auction platforms in Europe. Here you can find a number of other European auctions from different countries.  The participation is possible for both juridical persons and natural persons. WebAutoBid.eu definitely is a place where you can find a desirable car for any needs. Our advantages are PRICE, QUALITY and SERVICE. You set a maximum price, the state of each vehicle is checked, as well as our specialists will help you to purchase a car and set formalities.
- In the auction there are involved all the greatest European vehicle insurance companies, incl. financial entities, banks, leasing companies, car dealers, vehicle traders, car rental companies.

- Every day more than 5 000 second-hand vehicles – passenger cars, commercial carrier and others - are sold at the auction. Therefore, there is a possibility to choose a desirable car from a wide range of supplied vehicles.

- After a free registration and conclusion of the contract on participation in the auction, it is possible to participate there free of charge. If you could not purchase a desirable vehicle, you can try again till you get one.

- The auction vehicles are sold in more than 100 auction places in Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands, France, Italy and Spain. At the auction all cars have a warranty that they are exactly the same as mentioned in car's photo and description. 

We also deliver vehicles to any country in Europe.

When purchasing the vehicle at our auction, all documents will be delivered to you for re-registration of the vehicle in the Vehicle Register or further vehicle sale.

We provide consultations in questions that are related to the vehicle purchase, as well as further car sale.

The companies -VAT payers have the special regulations and all cars which are offered for NET price are sold without VAT. We offer a great auction platform where you can find both a car of your dream and a vehicle for work, daily needs and business. We are certain that you will be interested in one of the vehicles provided in the auction, thus do not hesitate to contact our specialists, and we will help you to purchase a car for very keen price. Choosing services provided by our company you will make a right decision. 

Independent car experts:
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